Small Business

Running a small business doesn’t mean you have a small profit! Just think most people would refer to a 20 man business as a small business, however InterDigital are one of the companies with the highest income per employee. In 2013 they had a net income of $272 million which calculates at $937,000+ per employee.

Industry Experience

Jumping feet first and starting your own business is often something I see people doing – after selling off our last company I know 3 of my employees that did just that. In the UK employment has been on the rise but many complain that they are low-paid menial jobs and with the saturation of the job market you tend to find many highly skilled people taking entry level work.

Ideas & Advice

We know that starting a business can be a complicated time but its something more and more people are doing in the 21st century – so its only natural to lend a hand. With our experience we are now bringing useful ideas and advice for small home business owners, startups and those looking for a new career!

I Took On The Working World By Using My Small Home Business Ideas.

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